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starting to plan our garden

Emily Oster

On Monday, I was suppose to take a class at Missouri Botanical Garden on organic spring gardening. I was all set to become totally inspired as well as increase my knowledge tenfold about how to grow organically. Unfortunately, I signed up late and never made it off the wait list. So it seems I am left to my own devices to figure out the plan for this year's planting. To help me become inspired I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver. I am about half way through and am very much enjoying it/becoming more and more horrified by the industrialization off our food systems. The book, however, does not provide much helpful information for someone who is just working with a small container garden. 

Last year, I feel like I tried too much in my one planter so this year I am thinking I want to simplify and maybe add more individual planters. I found these plant-a-grams on William-Sonoma's Agrarian website and am thinking about investigating them further as potential guides to follow. 

plant-a-grams  by Agrarian for Williams-Sonoma

plant-a-grams by Agrarian for Williams-Sonoma

My primary concern with following one of these plans is it doesn't tell you when to plant i.e. spring or summer; thus its going to take some research to figure out timing as well as if these plants are appropriate for Missouri. I also want to try to find non-GMO seeds/plants so I might end up being limited with my options. Ideally, I would find a magical book that would guide me to becoming a first-class gardener. Realistically, I know such a thing probably doesn't exist but I am on the look out. Any readers have recommendations? I have high hopes for the weekend and visiting some local garden shops to helpful get an actual plan going. Any advice is very much welcome and appreciated!