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american dream builders episode 5

Emily Oster

Last night, I watched American Dream Builders live! It is a rare occurrence that we are done with dinner or the day's happening to be able to watch TV episodes as they air especially one that is on at 7pm so this was quite the feat. This week the contestants were broken up into teams of two and were given three days to finish modular homes. As per usual, I wish they would have given more information namely about the square footage of the homes and who designed them but no such luck. There was no client and all the teams were given the exact same units to work with creating an even playing field for them to be judged against one another. Overall, I liked this format as it was easier to draw comparisons although without a site or a client there isn't much reality or substance to the designs.

There were notable elements from each team this week which was nice to see especially after the disaster of the last week's episode. Darren and Elaine won with a design that used the space wisely and was very approachable for the neighborhood counsel (the local group of people who determines the winning team). I thought their unit was good not great but I get why they won. 

Both my personal and Nate Berkus' favorite team, however, was Lukas and Erinn. I thought their design was interesting, showed a creative use of space and was really leaps and bounds above the other contestants work. My favorite elements of the space include the dining room light and table selection, the creation of the day bed and the bathroom. 

I think Lukas is the clear leader at this point but I think Erinn might give him a run for his money. Guess I am getting sort of hooked...