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american dream builders episode 6

Emily Oster

Lets start with the positives from this week's episodes - the exteriors. Jay Riordan was once again responsible for the facade design and landscaping on the blue team while it seemed to be a group effort on the red. Riordan who is the only contractor on the show has been doing pretty well thus far and while I don't completely love his work I think the blue team would be lost without him. Personally, I prefer what the red team did with their exterior design (especially the lighting on the front - see below) but a good effort all around. 

Other positives include Nina Magon's kitchen. Nothing particularly new or exciting but a good layout and use of space. Ultimately, I think it was this space that gave the blue team the win. 

My favorite element from the red team was Lukas Machnik's dining room built in. I love the simplicity of the design and styling and I thought it worked well in the space. 

Overall, the red team had the better design in my opinion (and Nate Berkus might I add) but I think their design was a bit inaccessible for the neighborhood council. I don't think anything they did was that outrageous but the TV was not in a very ideal spot and the little boy's bedroom was too sophisticated. Erinn Valencich was sent home which is a shame as I think she was one of the strongest designers. I fear that the show might have peaked and I think the fact that the show was moved to 7/6 central is not a very good sign. Hopefully, I am pleasantly surprised with next week's episode but I am not holding my breath. Have a good Monday everyone!