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american dream builders episode 7

Emily Oster

I just finished watching the seventh episode of the American Dream Builders series. I wish I could say they really turned it around with this installment but the show was perhaps the most disjointed one yet. The designers were tasked with designing two duplexes under one roof for one family - elderly parents and their grown son. From beginning to end, I could not figure out who lived where and what spaces the designers were tasked with designing. To highlight the positives, each team made some smart decisions in terms of space planning. The red team, which included Lukas, Elaine and Darren, created a formal entry with a closet which made for a nice division of space. 

I also liked their wall color, Lukas' kitchen and the dining room chandelier. 

On the blue team, Jay made a really intelligent decision to open up the stairwell making the dining room seem much bigger and brighter.

And that's where the positives really end for the blue team and this week's episode. The blue team lost and Dann Foley went home which to be blunt is no great loss. Darren should also have been sent home as he seemed to really do nothing. Overall, I thought both team's designs were stuffy and expected. I am going to stick with it but I think its going to take a miracle to really revive this show.