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the official start to year two

Emily Oster

And we are back! Thanks to everyone for their patience as I spent the past week making some updates to THE PLACE HOME. I want to introduce three new pages - THE BEAUTIFUL HOME, THE FUNCTIONAL HOME, and THE HOME EXPERIENCED. These contain the past year's blog content - with corresponding thumbnail images - archived into their appropriate categories. THE BEAUTIFUL HOME is where you can find all the posts related to aesthetics. THE FUNCTIONAL HOME contains all the posts that will provide resourceful information about the home. Finally, THE HOME EXPERIENCED is sort of a catch all of posts that relate to how we live in our homes.

The sidebar got a facelift with a few aesthetic improvements as well as links to recurring series. I plan to continue to make small updates but I hope these changes will make THE PLACE HOME a more useful and inspiring home resource in its second year. Thanks again for following along - enjoy!