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cement tile

Emily Oster

from top left -  Ace Hotel in  Panama City  via  DOMAINE    -  source unknown  -  via  Coco & Kelley   -   Alhambra Kitchen  by  Jessica Helgerson Interior Design   -  via  THE MADE SHOP   -  via  Cement Tile Shop   -  via  Apartment Therapy   -  via  Desire to Inspire  photo by  Alexander James

from top left - Ace Hotel in Panama City via DOMAINE   -  source unknown  -  via Coco & Kelley  -  Alhambra Kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design  -  via THE MADE SHOP  -  via Cement Tile Shop  -  via Apartment Therapy  -  via Desire to Inspire photo by Alexander James

Cement tile, also known as encaustic or hydraulic tile, is made of cement, marble powder and natural pigments. The process requires no firing but rather uses a hydraulic press and mould that is then air dried. The crafting of these traditional tiles hasn't changed since the 1800's and is considered quite environmentally friendly as so much less energy is used compared to fired ceramics. Cement tiles are extremely durable, easy to clean, non-flammable, non-polluting, recyclable, naturally insulating and beautiful! I am pretty obsessed with them and would love to use them in a kitchen or bathroom or maybe both!