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a lack of talks to share

Emily Oster

This morning, I was scrolling through old blog posts searching for content that I hadn't touched on in a while and was inspired to share a talk that would relate to the home environment. In the past, I have featured This American Life episodes, TED talks, and SXSW lectures. I really like listening to these types of pieces so naturally I want to share them here.

I searched terms like "home", "house", "residential", "rural", "suburban", "community", "stay at home" and a spattering of other keywords on such sites at TED, Creative Mornings, NPR and Google. And after almost an hour of searching I found really nothing worth sharing. I wanted to find something whether it be a talk or a story about how people view and live in their homes - a piece that is relevant to what not only what this blog is about but what I think is relevant to a lot of people.

I find it both annoying and disappointing that this extremely creative format of sharing information has seemingly skipped over where all of us start and end our days - our homes. You can find plenty of talks about the work environment, the design of public spaces, "green" building and other similar type pieces but none that touch on what I see as the complexity of the home. Pieces like what is it like to buy your first home or to lose a home, what makes a home meaningful to a given person, topics like home or residential design addressed by innovative designers or even things as mundane as explanations of how the systems in a house work. I am not trying to be a naysayer or cast any of these outlets in a negative light but maybe just call to attention the lack of creative energy that is being put towards the "domestic" environment.

To end on a slightly more optimistic note, if any readers out there know of any great pieces about the home I would love it if you would share!