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made goods

Emily Oster

I was flipping through my High Point pictures looking for inspiration for today's blog post when I saw one of my absolute favorite items from my trip - this gorgeous chandelier. 



The Carmen by Made Goods is just one of the amazing pieces created by Made Goods. The company is a wholesale brand "focused on creating special statement pieces for designers....distinguished by the use of unusual materials, proportion and thoughtful design" (Made Goods). At market, I pretty much loved everything I saw. Below are more than few favorites. Enjoy!

1.  Coco   2. source unknown  3.  Kas   4.  Marjorie   5.  Dante   6.  Erin   7. source unknown  8. Ives   9.  Edurne   10.  Elyse  tray

1. Coco  2. source unknown  3. Kas  4. Marjorie  5. Dante  6. Erin  7. source unknown  8.Ives  9. Edurne  10. Elyse tray