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resource review: taproot

Emily Oster

Before leaving for vacation, I treated myself to a little shopping in the Barnes & Noble magazine section. I don't usually buy magazines as it seems like you can read everything online and there are so many ads! But I will admit that a stack of glossy reading material just screams relaxation and a trip away. I was hoping to either buy the latest issue of Kinfolk and/or find a home related magazine that was new to me. I ended up picking up a copy of Old House Journal and Taproot. I had heard of Old House Journal but had never really read an issue and they had a feature about old windows that I was interested in. Taproot was a completely new to me. This Old House was a good read but Taproot I loved. The first thing to mention about this independent publication is that it has no ads! Absolutely zero! Its subtitle is "living fully, digging deeper" with a description that reads "a quarterly magazine celebrating food, family, farm and craft through writing, photography and the arts, both fine and domestic" - it is basically all stories with some illustrations/photos. I read the whole issue on the plane to California (skipping my nap and book) and then immediately regretted not pacing myself so that I could savor it a bit more.

Upon arriving home, I not only treated myself to a subscription but I ordered all of their past issues. The magazine is only on its third year of circulation so it wasn't that big of a purchase but still! This is how much I enjoyed it. So far I have worked my way through this year's two issues SEED and BREATH and am working on year two's fourth issue - REUSE. The articles are thoughtful, interesting, informative and diverse and I am thoroughly enjoying each one. I highly recommend getting a subscription!