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updated project list for our master bedroom

Emily Oster

Last night, I lay in bed unable to sleep and started thinking about what projects we have left to finish in our master bedroom. The list is surprisingly not that long which, of course, gave me the itch to get things done. I also already took care of one of the projects last week - changing out all the old electrical outlets and having our lamps rewired - so I am feeling the momentum from that little task.

1.  Replace/Paint Window and Door Trim - Our bedroom is basically the only room in the house to have different window and door trim - so annoying! And while this might sound like a super involved project, I think its actually not that big of a deal because we have really primitive modeling - a simple triangle header with basic 4 1/2" sides. We even have the leftover, pre-primed wood from when we did the project room. Maybe Jeff could accomplish this task in a weekend...

2. Caulk Gap Between Wall and Ceiling - When they installed our nice new ceiling (a year ago!) a gap was left from a difference in material thickness. Jeff has already fixed this issue in the office and again its pretty simple - just some caulk and paint. 

3. Paint Baseboards - A detail I didn't originally tackle. The doors also need to be painted but I think we will just pay to have all the upstairs doors sprayed at one time. Although, I sort of what to change out the existing 6 panels with 2 panels as I think that was what was original to the house.

4. Purchase and Hang Curtains - We have three windows that all have lined bamboo shades but I would really like to layer them with curtains. Curtains tend to always be an expensive project even if you are not doing custom so I having been searching the sale inventories and am interested to see if our new Ikea might have something. I go back and forth between wanting white or a soft pattern or West Elm has some chambray that have caught me eye. 

Linens and Draperies by  Les Indiennes  via  Luxe  

Linens and Draperies by Les Indiennes via Luxe 

5. Armoire - We have an old Ikea armoire that I was all excited about moving into our bedroom and painting a soft color. Then I looked at the piece a little more careful and I don't think it would be worth the effort. So now I am searching for a Craigslist one to refinish!

Bedroom Cupboard  by Plain English

Bedroom Cupboard by Plain English

6. Purchase a floor lamp - We don't have overhead light in our room so I have been meaning to get us a floor lamp for the longest time. I am thinking brass.

Other things more on the long term/be patient list are: purchase a spindle bed (I never stop searching!), hang more art, find an interesting chair to place in the corner (next to the floor lamp), always love more bed linens and re-work our closet. 

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