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artifact uprising

Emily Oster

With the holidays quickly approaching, its that time of year again to think about gift giving. In our family, we try to keep our purchases to a minimum. Opting for quality over quantity and items that will hopefully be things that the person will truly value for a long time to come. One thing I love to give is photo gifts. It seems everyone I know is always THINKING about doing something with their photos (album, framing, calendar etc.) but never gets around to it. When approaching a gift of this nature, I usually think super simple and timeless. My thought is you don't want the presentation of the photo to overpower the photo itself. I also tend to shy away from table frames. I find that they can be clutter makers and don't have the same permanency as a wall frame. The only problem with photo gifts is they can require some advance planning and seeing as the holidays seem to pass in a flash, this can sometime be an issue. 

So this year, I am attempting to think in advance so that I can give the gifts that I really want to give. There a lots of photo production companies out there right now but the one I am gravitating towards is ARTIFACT UPRISING. Their product line is edited, well designed and features some signature items that I really like. Below are a few favorites.

1. Square Print Set

This set contains 25 bordered paper prints of 5" x 5" images. The finish is matte (my preferred finish for photo printing) and is priced at $21.99 plus shipping. 

You also can get a wood block display for your prints which is priced at $23.99 for 12 prints and the block.

2. Layflat Photo Album

Layflat photo albums are really in a different category than your standard photo book. They are more like pieces of art (when done well of course). We got one from our wedding photographer and it is one of my most prized possessions. This one starts at $119 and offers the choice between 2 premium papers, 12 fabric cover colors and 4 foil stamping options. These are an investment but so worth it. 

3. Print + Wood Cleat

Two bars of wood connected with magnets creates a flexible display that is more economical than professional framing. Priced at $59, the cleat comes with a 11.5" x 15.5" print that is produced on ultra thick textured matte paper. 

4. Wooden Box for Photos

A simple means of storing your photos and other keepsakes, this 12.5" x 9.5" x 2.5" wooden box is priced at $95. The lid can be customized with a photo print or text and the wood is beetle pine - ideal for maximum print quality and longevity. 

5. Holiday Cards

While not really a gift, AU has a great selection of simply designed holiday cards. And as a bonus idea, you could frame your or someone else's card as a gift! Something I have been meaning to do with our card from last year....