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the jealous curator

Emily Oster

One of my favorite categories of blog posts to write are artist features. I love discovering and sharing the work of talented others - although, sometimes it can be a struggle to find artists to present. Enter - The Jealous Curator - an art blog created by Danielle Krysa. Krysa posts a new artist and their work daily. Art that very simply she likes or rather makes her think "damn I wish I would have thought of that". I like her uncomplicated approach to her blog and apparently, so do many others as it has becoming wildly successful since its launch in 2009. Krysa has written one book - Creative Block - and has another due for release in 2016. She also does regular speaking engagements including this interesting talk I watched given at a Creative Mornings event.

Below are just a few artists that I discovered via this amazing blog. 

Alison Mortisugu

Wilderness - 1998 - 45" x 94" x 2 1/2" - oil on 194 oak, maple and ash sections

Christina Carrozza

Tsunami Japan: Skeletons - 2014 - 43.5" x 32.75" - fiber, thread and paint textile

Nicannette Miller

Golden Hour C - 2014 - mixed media on paper - 29" x 22" and Indigo Rock 17 - 2014 - mixed media on paper - 22" x 22.25"

To see more amazing artists head over The Jealous Curator website now!

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