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tv above the fireplace

Emily Oster

We have a couple of friends who are working on hanging their TVs over their fireplaces. I say working because its not a simple hang job. You have to mount a TV bracket which is a pain in itself let alone when going into masonry. You then have to figure out what to do with the cords which involves some crafty thinking and finish carpentry. Not easy but worth it.

In most cases, the fireplace is the natural focal point of a room. That is until you introduce a TV. Then, of course, it steals "the show" - get the pun? So if a TV and fireplace are each in their own respective locations, you not only have two focal points you also end up ignoring the second runner up - the fireplace. The furniture layout also becomes awkward because you either are trying to orient to both the fireplace and TV or its like the fireplace (or maybe the TV in the rare case) becomes out of place in the room. This is all to say, that I am a proponent of a TV over the fireplace - one focal point with a clear room orientation. I won't pretend that a TV doesn't take away from the architectural beauty of a fireplace because it does. But for me (a person who watches TV), the practicality of incorporating the two together wins over this particular aesthetic point. I also think that people who have their TVs over their fireplace end up making more fires (which I am also a big proponent of). There is a caveat to this design solution which is your room has to be deep enough so that you aren't straining your neck to look up at the TV. And your TV also obviously has to fit above it. Finally, I will say there are no strict design rules as each room, its function and its users are unique so first and foremost do what works for you. 

With a TV over a fireplace, you really have three design approaches. One, you can hide it. 

Two, you can completely own it. Yes, I watch TV and there it is!

Three, you can minimize its effect. 

I think all three can work and it really just depends on the overall room design for what makes the most sense. I will say that cords always should be hidden!

Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm!

hiding TV: via Elle Decor - via Carla Aston Designs - via House Beautiful - via A Thoughtful Eye
owning TV: via Lonny - via Lonny - by Urrutia Designs - via I'm Busy Procrastinating 
minimizing TV: via The Little Green Notebook - source unknown - by Emily Hendersonvia Carla Aston Designs