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antique home style

Emily Oster

A couple of weekends ago, I spent my whole Sunday morning discovering Antique Home Style. Dedicated to "how to live in and enjoy older homes", the website archives vintage home designs and has a focus on cataloging old house plans. I spend a lot of my time dreaming about and drawing floor plans so to find such an amazing collection of historic plans was more than just a little exciting for me. It might sound obvious but I think its worth stating - good floor plans make for well designed homes. There are no hard rules for creating a floor plan that works well but it should have good flow between spaces, appropriate and proportional room sizes, thoughtful consideration of natural light and views out and above all be representative of the way the inhabitants live (to read more about floor plans see this post). Historic homes often times need updating and some reconfiguring to fit with modern day lifestyles but I, generally, find they are much more attuned to how people use and experience space than the majority of new construction. Below are a few of my favorite historic plans with a lot more available on my Pinterest Design|Private board. Have a good Monday everyone!