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designer feature: bill ingram

Emily Oster

Bill Ingram is a well recognized architect and designer working out of Birmingham, Alabama. His work is distinctively Southern and classic with a focus on elegant simplicity. Founded in 1995 and since expanding to include two additional designers, Bill Ingram's work has appeared in numerous publications including most recently being named by Veranda magazine as ADAC Southeast Architect of the Year. Personally, I love his finish selections and careful attention to architectural elements such as windows, doors and stairwells. 

This personal lake house of Bill Ingram is pretty stunning. It has maybe one of my favorite entries ever - love the mix of wall textures, color and doors - and the kitchen island is a crazy craftsmanship. 

Another personal home of Ingram, this 1400 square foot cottage has great texture both inside and out. I love the use of space making rooms cozy yet still open and bright.

This room actually has really low ceilings but you would never know it. A great example of how to mix materials and styles. 

For more examples of Bill Ingram's work check out his website

Images by Bill Ingram Architect - Southern Living - Mark D. Sikes