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my picks for a wedding registry

Emily Oster

I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and really enjoyed this Stocking Up on Essentials post by Lauren Liess. She shares some great picks for the true home basics - sheets, silverware, pots and pans, towels (we have these RH ones she recommends) and serving ware. Reading through her list it got my thinking about our own home basics. We were very lucky in that we got quite stocked up last year during all of our wedding related events. And because of I have quite a few friends/family getting married in the near future, I thought I would make a list of my top picks from our registry.

1. L.L. Bean Canvas Bag Set


I can never have too many canvas bags! I carry one as my day to day purse. I put one next to Jeff's side of the bed to hold his inevitable discarded pile of clothes. I use one to hold material samples. I carry laundry in another and could probably find a use for about 10 more!

2. Le Creuset Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

We use this multi-purpose pot at least twice a week. Although expensive, this is a piece of kitchen cookware I would highly recommend. It is of amazing quality and we plan on using it for a long time. 

3. Linen Duvet Cover

We opted for this vintage washed Belgian linen duvet cover in mist from Restoration Hardware. It perfectly matches the dog hair which is key and provides a good amount of added warmth without being too much. I personally like how it looks wrinkled, however, we also got a set of linen shams and I don't like them as much.

4. Art Prints

We registered for a couple of Kevin Russ prints and one Sharon Montrose. Art is a bit of an unorthodox registry item but I love having art pieces that now remind us of our wedding.

5. Knit Blanket

This thing is super cozy and second only to this Pottery Barn blanket in terms of what I like to snuggle up with every night on the couch. 

6. White Towels

Like my love of white sheets, I love white towels. These Gram Turkish ones from Restoration Hardware have served us very well thus far. They are still thick and soft after lots of washes -although they do produce a lot of lint in the dryer.

7. Cookbooks

I received several canning/preserving cookbooks that I love for my wedding shower. Since Jeff and I cook a lot, I would have added even more to our collection looking back on it.

8. White Dishes

We registered for a mix of Apilco dishes from Williams-Sonoma. A simple, classic design these have held up well in a 1+ year of use - not even one chip!

9. Juices Glasses

I love the retro vibe of these. They are sturdy for everyday use and when we registered there were three convenient different sizes available - looks like only offer two sizes now.

10. Wood Cutting Board

This isn't the exact walnut cutting board we got but very similar. Again a totally classic piece of great quality that we plan on using for a long time to come. It also makes for a beautiful piece of serving ware. 

These are just a few of the exciting items we got but really use and appreciate all the gifts that our friends and family generously gave us (thank you). There are a couple of things I probably would have added to the list in retrospect so maybe that's good material for a part 2 wedding registry post!