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things i would have added to our wedding registry

Emily Oster

A couple of weeks back, I did a post about some of my favorite items from our wedding registry. As promised, I am following up that post with this one - calling out a few more items that, in hindsight, I would have added to the list. 

1. Master Bedroom Bedding x2

Like I have mentioned, I really like our vintage washed Belgian linen duvet cover from Restoration Hardware. However, it gets unbearable warm here in St.Louis and I wish I would have registered for a coverlet/blanket to trade out with our down comforter May-September. My pick would be for this pick stitch one from Pottery Barn or this very similar one from Serena & Lily.

2. Guest Room Bedding

Keeping with bedding, I also would have registered for linens for our guest bedroom. Even if your "guest bedroom"is a blow up mattress, its nice to provide your visitors with something newer/nicer than your college sheets...sorry guests.. I don't necessarily have a go to brand for bed linens and considering I am all about the white bedding I probably would just keep it basic with white sheets and a nice coverlet. I like this vintage-washed diamond matelasse from Restoration Hardware as it seems like it would be a good medium weight and would work well layered. 

3. Pillows

To round out my home bedding collection, I also would have registered for bed pillows. And maybe those protective zip covers too...

4. Serving Utensils

We had somewhat of a flatware debacle, in that, the ones we registered for ended up being crazy backordered. We tried waiting it out but 6 months is more than a tad bit ridiculous. So we ended up just purchasing this Fortessa bistro set from Sur La Table. In the shuffle, we forgot/never got around to getting serving utensils. I would had added some matching ones with our set but I also like the idea of doing a more fun, non matching set. Maybe something like this casual enamel set from West Elm.  

5. Steak Knives

We sort of also just forgot about steak knives. If I was doing it all over again, I would definitely register for these classic Laguiole ones. Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, Anthropologie and I am sure lots of other retailers all sell them with different colors available.

6. Bathroom Hand Towels

Another item I just sort of forgot about. Right now, I am really like the Turkish style so I would go with these Fouta towels from Serena & Lily

7. Outdoor Dinnerware

We love to sit outside and eat so I would add a cute set of outdoor plates. In lieu of plastic, I would go for enamel. Like this set from West Elm or this one by Williams-Sonoma. A vintage set would also make for a great gift. 

8. Trays

Trays are one of those items that are great because they are both super functional and decorative. Put them on a coffee table or bar or use more functionally, I know I could use a couple in my collection :). For a registry, I would add one that would be good for carrying things inside and out like this woven one with handles from Sur La Table

9. Hampers

Laundry hampers are not exciting which makes them the perfect thing to put on a registry. I would choose something utilitarian but still stylish. I really like this canvas line by West Elm

10. Tupperware + Carry Case

Because all married people should have lots of tupperware (glass for us) and a carrying case to go along with it - to prove you are all grown up of course!!