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McGrath II

Emily Oster

McGrath II is my newest design resource find. Voted as one of the best design blogs of 2015 by Domino Magazine, McGrath II is run by mother daughter duo Suzanne and Lauren. The two, which also operate their own interiors business and have written a book, blog about all things design related and seem to have a format that is somewhat similar to THE PLACE HOME.

*from the design portfolio of McGrath II

All the posts are archived into easily navigable sections such as Artist Spotlight, Decorating, and Styling and include such posts as The Best Light Blue Paint Colors, Arne Jacobsen , Back to Back Sofas, 6 Tips to Enhance An Entryway and so much more. 

Another cool feature of their blog is their resource section where they present a curated list of their favorite stores. There is honestly so much to check out with this blog that I feel like I could spend an inordinate amount of time on their site. And perhaps the best thing about McGrath II, is how easy and pleasant it is to use - well designed, interesting content and good taste. So check it out!