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searching for gardening blogs

Emily Oster

The thing that perhaps intrigues me the most about gardening is its limitless potential for learning. With each plant, season, space and combination of the three comes new discoveries. I love the idea of being a constant student and gathering bits of knowledge with each growing season. However, this fluctuating and unending nature of learning can also be paralyzing in knowing how, when or where to start. And being that I am a researcher, I am always looking for resources to aid me along the way. I have a few books that I have started to reference and I am constantly asking advice from more experienced gardeners but what I would really love to find is a go to gardening blog or blogs to provide daily or weekly bits of information.

My ideal gardening blog would be visually appealing - I need those pretty pictures to inspire me, concise - too much info all at once overwhelms me, include content on edible gardening as well as growing flowers, promote/follow sustainable practices and if I am really dreaming be located in a similar growing climate as St. Louis - no avocados or citrus in my garden. I have just started my search but one gardening blog I plan on adding to my blogroll is Garden Betty.

Started in September 2010, Garden Betty is the blog of Linda Ly. She blogs about growing and making food, creating her cookbook, raising backyard chickens, her off the grid home in Mexico and other outdoor adventures. What attracted me most to Garden Betty was not only its visual appeal but its organization - helpful headings and an easy to use archive. I also am pretty interested in getting her cookbook, The CSA Cookbook, which focuses on using the often discarded parts of plants and vegetables.

Any readers have some good gardening blogs to follow?

Have a good Monday everyone!