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rediscovering print

Emily Oster

With a seemingly infinite amount of information and images on the web, it can be easy to think that the internet is all anyone really needs to stay informed and inspired. I can easily slip into this mentality, but recently, I feel like I have been rediscovering the value of print.

I have always loved books and am a bit of a snob in that I like to own my books. At times, this affinity can become a bit of a barrier to expanding my reading list. This becomes especially true when it comes to design books - big, beautiful and expensive design books! That is why I sort of feel like I have hit the jackpot in our local library. I know it sounds old fashion and obvious but our library is just three blocks from our house and has a well stocked design section. I also sort of love going because there is something about the smell of a library that just brings me back to of my childhood. And - just knowing I can leave with an armful of books and not have spent a penny!

So far I have checked out and read Nate Berkus' The Things That Matter and American Farmhouses: Country Style and Design by Leah Rosch. Berkus' book is an amazing read that I would recommend to anyone.  His approach to design is one that really resonates with me and to read it so well outlined and explained in his book was very inspiring. 

“I believe your home should tell the story of who you are. What you love most collected and assembled in one space. All your objects, finds, hand-me-downs . . . spelling out who you are to the world. Fact is, there isn’t a single item in my own home that doesn’t have a story behind it. This book celebrates the philosophy that things do matter. They have to. They’re what we live with and touch every single day. They welcome us home at night and greet us each morning on our bedside table. They represent where we’ve been, who we’ve loved, and where we hope to go. They make us happy, and I can’t think of a more beautiful way to live than that . . .” - Nate Berkus.

And of course, there are some amazing images as well...

American Farmhouses is a quick and informative read for anyone with a farmhouse obsession like myself. It also has an extensive resource list in its index which I have slowly been making my way through. It also has some great eye candy...

Greek Revival farmhouse preserved and restored by  V. Romanoff and Associates

Greek Revival farmhouse preserved and restored by V. Romanoff and Associates

Other print sources of inspiration are magazines. And in particular, the new breed of independent publications. Ones I currently subscribe to (some independent and some not) are Inc., Taproot (read a more detailed review here) and Modern Farmer. Ones I plan on adding to my list include: Trouvé (thanks for the referral Emily Suzanne), Kinfolk, Sweet Paul and Anthology

Happy reading and have a good weekend everyone!