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a brand new site for the place home!

Emily Oster

And we are back! Welcome to the whole new THE PLACE HOME! The website now represents THE PLACE HOME in its entirety - the blog, design assistance and home restoration (coming soon). It also features amazing photos of our home taken by the wonderful Emily Suzanne.

The new site has been a long time in the works and getting it built was a little more involved than I had anticipated. But I think all of the effort and time spent has totally been worth it! A special thanks to my sister and Jeff for all their edits, Emily Suzanne for being such a joy to work with and Rachael for her hard work in helping me to get the site to look and function just as I had envisioned it. 

We are still making a few tweaks but I couldn't wait any longer to share! There is a bunch of new content, images and pages to check out but a few highlights include...

  1. Our Home: The page devoted to images of our house! 
  2. Design Assistance: The page where you can learn more about my approach to design and working together (e-design clients welcome!).
  3. Blog Sidebar: Like the original design, here you can easily search content, follow THE PLACE HOME on social media, look at recurring series and check out the catalogues of old posts (THE BEAUTIFUL HOME, THE FUNCTIONAL HOME, THE HOME EXPERIENCED - still working on getting caught up on these). I also will be adding back our newsletter sign up as well as my picks for daily reads so keep an eye out for those.
  4. About: A new and improved page about my background and how THE PLACE HOME came to be plus lots of cute pictures of Booker.

I hope everyone likes the changes! Monday, I will be back to my regular blogging schedule. Happy weekend!