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hygge & west - fabric

Emily Oster

Hygge & West is an amazing resource for wallpaper and now fabric! I thought for sure I had blogged about their selection of wallpaper as they have some of my favorites but - somehow I seemed to have missed it. So I am going to devote two posts to them starting with their newly added fabric line.

The fabric selection is currently limited to five patterns which are also all available as wallpapers. There is the Foret Fabric designed by Julia Rothman and available in four colorways. 

Also designed by Julia Rothman, is the popular Daydream pattern available in french blue, green, orange and sunshine. 

Rothman's third available pattern and maybe my favorite is Serengeti. It comes in three colorways and would be adorable in a nursery or kids room. 


There also is the Otomi pattern designed by Emily Isabella. Available in four colors, this pattern is fun yet still classic (see this post about Otomi fabric).


Finally, there is a 3 colorway pattern called Diamante by Laundry Studio. 


Check back Monday to see my favorite Hygge & West's wallpapers!