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fall mums

Emily Oster

October is just around the corner and I can barely believe our crazy September has just about passed. We had our final wedding of the month in Michigan this past weekend (congratulations Sarah and Alan!) and now are home for a while. I am looking forward to slowing the schedule down and taking time to enjoy the start of fall. I also have turned my sights back to our jungle and the project to do list...

We have about a month and a half before it will be too cold to put down grass seed which has caused us to do some re-evaluating. Our concern is that we just won't have enough time to get the clear out done and we will miss another season to reclaim our backyard. Thus we are coming around to the idea of hiring out at least the clean out/weed out step (thinking the entire yard because at this point why not). We have gotten a bid from a referred landscaping company and have another follow up meeting this week. Both Jeff and I are liking the idea of having a fresh slate to work with so I have my fingers crossed that we can figure something out. 

With hiring out the weeding, this gives me more mental energy and time to think about more fun projects like fall pots. My summer pots had their issues and so for fall I am leaning towards something that is hardier, has more color and is easy. This, of course, leads me to mums. Aesthetically, they aren't my favorite but with some careful selection and mixing I think I can achieve a look that will keep me happy until winter. 

Probably my favorite fall mum container to date is this one that I saw last fall while shopping at Detroit Garden Works.

I love the color palette and the subtle use of pumpkins. For our house, I would probably do something more saturated in color as the beige/blush tones would blend into our house. I also really like this DGW mum arrangement with pansies. However, I am not sure how the pansies would do once it got cold...

 In a similar color scheme is this mixed pot via Midwest Living. I particularly like the texture of this one. 

Moving away for the less traditional fall color palettes is this window box design via Apartment Therapy. I am not usually a big fan of orange but this deep hue works for me. 

And while I am pretty sure I want to do some color, I do love an all white arrangement like this one from Town & Country Magazine.

For more fall garden inspiration check out this Detroit Garden Works post as well as this Fall Pots post.