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shop artifact uprising

Emily Oster

Happy Friday! I wanted to give a quick plug to my friends at Artifact Uprising (hey Brad) as the holiday shopping season is coming to a close. We are big fans of AU and have been amassing quite a little collection of their products. We LOVE their keepsake Wooden Boxes. We have one for Jane that contains special tokens from her birth as well as a Square Print Set of her newborn photos. We also have one for our wedding which also has a Square Print Set. Other favorite items include their photo stands - Wood Block + Prints, Walnut and the newest addition Cork + Brass! I don't really like freestanding photo frames as I tend to think they lend themselves towards clutter. Thus the stands are the perfect way for me to display photos as they take up less space, are visually simplified and can be easily changed out or even stored. 

We also have a few of their Ultra Thick Signature Prints and a Softcover Photo Album - both also great products!

If you are looking for last minute gift items there is still time to shop AU! They even have this handy graphic detailing last day and means to get orders before the 25th! Happy Shopping!

This post was in partnership with Artifact Uprising. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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