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living room light update + copper sconces

Emily Oster

About 3 weeks ago, I blogged about our need for a new living room light fixture. I had found 4 main contenders and was pretty unsure about which one to choose or even if I should keep looking. Well after some more thought and on somewhat of a whim I made a purchase....the Urban Outfitters 4040 Locust Metal Pipe Pendant Light!

It arrived last week and while, it hasn't been installed yet, I think its going to look great. Also, it was marked down even more to just $129!  In person, the copper isn't too shiny and isn't too pink - two of main concerns. And while the fixture is super cheap, it doesn't feel or appear so. 

Before having the electrician out to install it, I need to select a reading sconce to go along with it (don't want to pay for two trips out). I am thinking something with copper touches but not fully copper. Below are my top picks.

1. Industrial Light Electric's - Metal Shade Wall Sconce

If you read this post about lighting choices for our back hallway, then you know I am a fan of Industrial Light Electric's products. What I like most about this sconce is it's finish. Made of raw metal, the sconce isn't black nor is it copper. It falls nicely in the middle with its natural finish making it work well with other metals.

The price of this fixture starts at $109.

2. Cedar & Moss' Tilt Cone

Cedar & Moss is another company I have blogged about before. They make sleek, clean lined fixtures with the tilt sconce being a great example of their product styling. My favorite thing about this option is its shape. It's simple while still distinctly modern. This fixture is available in four finishes and three different arm lengths. If we went with this selection, I would choose the modern black and the 3" arm. 

Pricing starts at $189.

3. Schoolhouse Electric's Princeton Sophomore Sconce 

This Schoolhouse Electric sconce is very similar in shape and styling to the Industrial Light Electric option. However, what sets the two apart is their finishes. This one is definitively more black and much more copper. It also is backordered which means its pretty much out of the running.

The price of this sconce starts at $159. 

I am fairly confident I know which one I want to order but I am going to run the options by Jeff and see what he thinks. Hurray for making progress!

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