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on craigslist lately

Emily Oster

As my regular readers know, I keep a pretty good pulse on St. Louis Craigslist postings. Sometimes I am looking for specific items but usually I just end up browsing. It has become an inspiring activity for me seeing what cool, old things are being bought and sold in the area around me. Below are a few noteworthy listings. 

source unknown

source unknown

The above Deacon's Bench has been appraised as being from the 1860s and is listed for $600. It's 6 feet long and is a totally classic piece that could be used in an entryway, hallway or at a dining room table. If my entry hall was wider I would definitely purchase it. 

This cane chaise lounge has been posted for months and its so amazing! Ever time I come across it, I think of the above beautiful bedroom designed by Tom Scheerer. You would need a pretty large bedroom to put it at the end of the bed but it also could work well in a living room or on a porch. Its being sold for just $125!

These brass shelves are listed for $150 each and while they are great as is, they would be more incredible retrofitted to be open shelving in a kitchen.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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new uses for antique display cases

Emily Oster

In my search for an armoire for our master bedroom, I have come across some really cool antique display cases. However, being that these pieces are generally quite large - I was unsure of how one could really incorporate them into a more modern space without them looking overly cluttered or just out of scale. Then, I saw this amazing kitchen in Lauren Liess' new book, Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating, in which she had repurposed an old glass front bookcase as upper cabinets. Everything else in the space was crisp and new making the antique cabinet a beautiful accent element that defined the room. Unfortunately, images of this particular kitchen are not yet available online. So I did a little digging and found some other really great examples of how one could use antique bookshelves, curios, cupboards etc. in a fresh and current way. 

I have long admired this image that uses old locker doors for a glassware pantry. I like how the doors are part of a built in unit making them really stand out against the white framing.

I could see achieving a similar look and one that is much like the kitchen Lauren Liess designed by using this sort of antique bookshelf. You could just use the doors or hang the whole unit as an upper cabinet. 

This Drexel Heritage piece could also be used in a similar way although I would probably re-stain it as the color looks a little off to me.

If space allows, using a big display case can make a dramatic impact especially if you stock it with beautiful and useful kitchen items like the examples below.

design by  SR Gambrel

design by SR Gambrel

With something so large, I think you would have to look for old commercial or retail pieces as the ones pictured above seem beyond residential scale to me.

For smaller antiques cases, check out these inspiring spaces.

source unknown

source unknown

Ranging from rustic to more refined, these current Craigslist listing could be beautifully integrated into a new kitchen for a similar look.

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random craigslist finds

Emily Oster

Jeff was out last night so I spent the evening watching girly TV and trolling Craigslist. It goes without saying but this is a great way to enjoy a night alone. Below are some random finds.

These iconic mid-century chairs designed by Harry Bertoia, are an awesome find and would look great on our porch. The price, however, is a little high for me at $225 each.

You sort of need to read the full description on this piece but it's a 14"H x 35"W x 29.5"D antique butcher block. It has four legs to go with it and apparently weighs 300 pounds! The seller doesn't list a price and I am sort of tempted to email to ask. This would be an amazing conversation piece - just make sure to reinforce your floors before bringing it into your kitchen. 

Apparently these tables are Milo Baughman but the stickers got lost somewhere along the way. I love the mix of rattan and chrome and think they would add great texture to a room. If I didn't already have a rattan coffee table I would pursue this find more.

This well crafted little chair just caught my eye. Made of burled walnut, it would be nice recovered and tucked into a corner or in a bedroom. 

If you read this Craigslist post, then you know I like to hunt craigslist for antique sinks. This one appears to be really good find - just wish it had the original faucet to go with it. 

I know, I know more antique four post beds - this one is a full and we need a queen so it doesn't work for us but I really like the height of the posts and the shape of the spools. 

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