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Emily Oster

Spoonflower is a fabric and wallpaper resource that I have known about for years but hadn't really looked at until this week. Two friends of mine are both looking for wallpaper for their little girls room and while I had some go to wallpaper sources to give them - I wanted to see what existed out there at a lower price point. Hence, the rediscovery of Spoonflower which sells wallpaper at $5/sqft for removable and $7.50/sqft for re-positionable. All of Spoonflower patterns are priced the same depending on the fabric type, wallpaper or gift wrap that you choose. You also can create your own design which discounts the price. They offer 2 types of wallpaper, 19 different fabrics and 1 material choice for gift wrap. 

I would say the biggest draw back of Spoonflower, that I have encountered (I haven't ever ordered anything), is that their design library is not very well organized. There are a ton of designs to choose from but instead of being able to sort by pattern then color, each pattern and its respective color is listed individually and in no particular order. I also would make sure to order samples which seems super easy to do so that you can check color and material feel, weight etc. before placing a large order.

Below are three Spoonflower designers that have some great patterns available. Happy shopping!

1. Nouveau Bohemian

Nouveau Bohemian are the designs of Esther Fallon Lau, an Australian artist who also sells her work on Society 6. Definitely a bit folksy but it works for me. 

2. Holli Zollinger

Holli Zollinger has a smaller selection of patterns which I appreciate. They are a bit retro, again a little folksy but use an updated color palette to freshen them up. She also has an Etsy shop where you can purchase pillows in her custom designed prints. 

3. Andrea Lauren

Andrea Lauren offers an insane amount of patterns that I would mostly use for kid spaces. Originally from the U.K. but now living in the states, all of her patterns begin with illustrations and hand carved linocuts. 

For one of my favorite wallpaper resources check out this post or to read all about my favorite animal patterns for kids click here.

hygge & west - fabric

Emily Oster

Hygge & West is an amazing resource for wallpaper and now fabric! I thought for sure I had blogged about their selection of wallpaper as they have some of my favorites but - somehow I seemed to have missed it. So I am going to devote two posts to them starting with their newly added fabric line.

The fabric selection is currently limited to five patterns which are also all available as wallpapers. There is the Foret Fabric designed by Julia Rothman and available in four colorways. 

Also designed by Julia Rothman, is the popular Daydream pattern available in french blue, green, orange and sunshine. 

Rothman's third available pattern and maybe my favorite is Serengeti. It comes in three colorways and would be adorable in a nursery or kids room. 


There also is the Otomi pattern designed by Emily Isabella. Available in four colors, this pattern is fun yet still classic (see this post about Otomi fabric).


Finally, there is a 3 colorway pattern called Diamante by Laundry Studio. 


Check back Monday to see my favorite Hygge & West's wallpapers!

designer feature: katie ridder

Emily Oster

There are some mornings when I troll Pinterest looking for inspiration for a day's is one of those days. I general go to my Home | Interiors or Home | Furniture and Fixtures board first and can general find an image that gets the wheels turning. It can take a few minutes or a lot longer it just depends. This morning, I was going through this routine when I came across image number 1 below and the ah ha moment happened - Katie Ridder. Katie Ridder is an interior, wallpaper and fabric designer based out of New York. I am less familiar with her interiors but love her wallpaper and fabrics. They are whimsical, full of color and a bit nostalgic. The look great in bedrooms and nursery and can add a touch of fun to even the most formal of rooms. See below for a sampling of her fabrics, wallpaper and design work.  

1. design by  Caitlin Moran Interiors   seaweed fabric  in magenta  2.  seaweed fabric  in magenta  3. design by  Betsy Burnham   leaf wallpaper  in gray  4. design by  Katie Ridder  via  Elle Decor   5.  leaf fabric  in periwinkle  6. design by  Liz Carroll  via  Coastal Living   beetlecat wallpaper  in stone  7. design by Tami Ramsay of  Cloth & Kind  via  Lonny   moonflower fabric  in turquoise  8.  moonflower fabric  in turquoise 

1. design by Caitlin Moran Interiors seaweed fabric in magenta  2. seaweed fabric in magenta  3. design by Betsy Burnham leaf wallpaper in gray  4. design by Katie Ridder via Elle Decor  5. leaf fabric in periwinkle  6. design by Liz Carroll via Coastal Living beetlecat wallpaper in stone  7. design by Tami Ramsay of Cloth & Kind via Lonny moonflower fabric in turquoise  8. moonflower fabric in turquoise