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first floor renovation | framing days

Emily Oster

*This series was written while we were undergoing construction several months ago - hence the present tense. If you missed the first post of this series check it out here and the second here.

Today, we are on the sixth and final day of framing. The drywall contractors will arrive first thing Monday (its Friday as I write this) to close it all up. The framing has included 4 openings and the built in as well as the dividing wall between what will be our mud room and kids playroom. All openings are in our back hall which now feels like a nice transitional space rather than the dark and cramped hallway it was before we started.

The dividing wall between the mud room and playroom ended up being a last minute add on and is setting us up for what will be phase two of our first floor renovation. As we talked through things with our contractor, we just realized it made no sense to re-drywall and paint walls that we were planning on opening up in the near future. So we made the call to put in the wall as well as rough in the plumbing and electrical to give us more than a jump start on phase two. With this decision, the toy room will be ready for use and will just need a new light and probably a change out of the carpet. Phase two (which will hopefully happen in the fall) will then be just the mud room build out. This will include new flooring, cabinetry and appliances as well as the final plumbing and electrical work to get the washer and dryer moved upstairs and out of our nasty basement. It really won't be a very big project which makes it tempting to tackle now but we just don't have the means (financially or mentally) to undertake the work. By postponing the room, I will give myself the time to pick out the finishes I want and not have to rush to find something in a day. And even though the space won't be finished, it will still be super functional for us as a drop all space - coats, shoes, dog kennel, cleaning products etc. 

Thus far, the work has really gone as planned which is always scary to say/type out loud. The contractors have been great to work with and knowing that the project is short has made the construction process quite easy to live through. I feel totally confident that moving forward with the project was the right thing to do as Jeff and I have been able to give full attention to the project and we haven't had to worry about meeting the needs or schedule of the baby. The space is turning out beautifully - even better than I could have imagined. The only thing that is really frustrating me at the moment is paint color selection....I have till Monday to pick out my colors so the clock is ticking. Below are progress images from the past week or so. 

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framed & matted

Emily Oster

I recently stumbled upon an interview with the founders of framed & matted on Meg Biram's blog. I had not previously heard of the company but liked their name and was intrigued to know more. 

framed & matted is online retailer of what else - frames and mats. The company was founded by Chrissy and Matt Droessler, a husband and wife team, who wanted to make custom framing more affordable and approachable. Combining their individual talents, Chrissy comes from the art world while Matt has a BS from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a MBA from Stanford, they have created a process for framing art that is simple and cost effective.

They offer two options for framing. The first is the DIY route in which they send you your custom frame with all the necessary hardware and following their instructions you assemble it all. The second, requiring an additional fee, allows you to send your artwork directly to them and they will do everything for you. In both options, you use the "build frame" design tool that guides you through selecting a frame style, mat color and frame specifications. The thing I really like about this feature is that it automatically updates your pricing.  It also allows you to upload your specific image so you can better imagine the finished product. 

Another great thing about this company is their commitment to quality. The only use UV acrylic (protects against environmental factors such as light and humidity), conservation matboard (prevents yellowing), ArtCare archival acid free foam core backing (no corrosive acids found in regular foam core), 100% wood mouldings and they send you all the hardware you will need to hang your art. 

I have not yet had the opportunity to create my own custom frame but plan to the near future and will definitely make sure to share the experience in a follow up post. In the meantime, make sure to head over to their website to learn more and see inspiration images in their lookbook