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planning our curb appeal

Emily Oster

Spring has definitely sprung here and I am itching to finish my ongoing indoor projects to get outside. I already wrote about how the front yard is much easier for me to get my head around so most of my dreaming has been focused there. Today's current obsessive thoughts are aimed at the general curb appeal of our house. The front door color has to be changed first and foremost (see this post). I am 90% positive that I want to a dark blue/grayish color. Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball is a really pretty dark blue that would probably look almost black in shade. 

hague blue door via  Tom Handbury Photography

hague blue door via Tom Handbury Photography

My concern with the Hague Blue, while being a very true navy, might be too blue for me. Downpipe, also by Farrow & Ball, is another top contender. Its not blue but rather a gray that lends itself a little towards the blueish-greenish tone.  The below images from Hendy Curzon are super helpful as it shows how the color is transformed depending on the season. The furthest left is winter, the middle is spring and the final is summer. 

Farrow & Ball sells mini-sample pints so I think what I will do is just try these two and see what I like. I also might order the color Railings....

The other element I am really looking to add to our front stoop is some pots. Nothing two fancy just two larger scale planters either in zinc or concrete. I really like these front pots with the white bushy flower. 

I want something sort of free form and wild. I am thinking mostly green with maybe just a hint of white or color. Lavender could be pretty...

via  Pinterest

I also want to get a new door knocker as the current one says the name of the old homeowner. I would love to find something vintage and brass. There are, of course, about ten other things I would like to do to add curb appeal to our house but these things seem like a good place to start. 

painted front doors

Emily Oster

I have been thinking A LOT lately about the exterior of our home. Its probably the coming of warmer weather or the gray light of spring but my attention has really been drawn to outside projects. From thinking about our front yard to dreaming about re-painting our house, my mind is definitely on the run. This week the fixation has been on our front door. Its currently teal and I hate it. The door is in pretty rough shape - painted probably a million times - so in the long run I am not sure it will be worth saving. In the short run, however, I could definitely re-paint it and not be so diligent to strip, sand, etc. I have to work with my baby poop colored exterior for the time being as well as a red brick patio so I can't do anything too cool tone like a pure gray. I am thinking something in the blue family - no shock here. Most likely something mid-tone to dark although I do like a lighter sage color as well. Check out my inspiration images below and happy first day of spring!

from top left - via  Leah Richardson  - via  Farrow & Ball  - via  London Front Door  - via  Houzz  - via  London Front Door  - via  The Creative Exchange  - design by  Leanne Thornton  - home of Aerin Lauder via  Quintessence  -  source unknown - via  Faith Hope Love

from top left - via Leah Richardson - via Farrow & Ball - via London Front Door - via Houzz - via London Front Door - via The Creative Exchange - design by Leanne Thornton - home of Aerin Lauder via Quintessence -  source unknown - via Faith Hope Love