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realty round up: house #1

Emily Oster

Last week's Park City post was the twentieth entry in the realty round up series. As such, I thought it would be a good time to do a comparison of homes featured thus far. Starting with the first price bracket of homes, $0 - $250,000, I made a side by side comparison chart to see how the different homes stacked up against each other. Here is the summary with the detailed results below.

- Maximum number of bedrooms: 4 - Belfast, Pentwater, and Sioux Falls
- Minimum number of bedrooms: 0 (studio) - Lake Tahoe and Park City
- Maximum number of bathrooms: 3 - East Lansing
- Minimum number of bathrooms: 0 - Pentwater (a fixer upper with no indoor plumbing)
- Smallest square footage: 292 square feet - Lake Tahoe
- Largest square footage: 3,298 square feet - Pentwater
- Highest list price: $249,900 - Columbus
- Lowest list price: $129,900 - Sioux Falls
- Highest price per square foot: $510/sq.ft. - Lake Tahoe
- Lowest price per square foot: $41 - Pentwater (not surprising seeing how much work needs to be done to it)


information and images via  Zillow

information and images via Zillow

To date, six of the twenty homes have sold, three removed their listing and the rest are still for sale. Stay tuned for next week in which I will feature the second price bracket of homes. 

Have a good weekend everyone!