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Our Outdoor Living Space

Emily Oster


Before it gets too unbearably hot here in St. Louis, I am trying to be outside as much as possible. Key to this for me, is having an enjoyable backyard space. This past weekend, Jeff and I worked on putting the finishing touches on our outdoor living space. The key elements for our area are:

1. The picnic table - For my graduation last year, Jeff surprised me with having a local carpenter create a custom picnic table. Nothing fancy but great for seating a lot of people.
2. The fire pit - This was a present to Jeff from my parents. It is a Weber and we use it all year round.
3. Adirondack Chairs + Table - While these are not my favorite, they are quite comfortable. We positioned our four around our table from World Market to create a more relaxed seating area.
4. Lights - Our most recent addition to our space which adds a nice finishing touch. 
5. Candles - I think no outdoor space is complete without night time candlelight.
6.  Flowers - My neighbor brought me these peonies from her yard.
7. Clothesline - I try to dry our clothes and sheets on the line as much as possible during the warm months. It makes your clothes smell so fresh, is environmentally friendly and I think makes your space looked loved. 
8. The Grill - Jeff got this grill for a graduation present a couple of years ago and it is one of his prized possessions. 
9. The Planter - Hopefully our source of lots of delicious meals.

In the future, I would like to have a big back deck or patio area but for the time being I am rather content with what we have done with what we have.