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Home Feature: Stone Creek Camp

Emily Oster

Located in Bigfork, Montana this modern retreat caught my eye with its creative use of materials and textures. Designed by Andersson-Wise Architects, an Austin based firm, the multi-building home gracefully situates itself in its rustic landscape. While being rather large in size, it manages not to appear overpowering but rather blends in like it has always been there. 

The thing that I really enjoy about this home is that it is part cabin, part lake house. Growing up in Michigan, we would spend our weekends traveling to the northern part of the state where two distinct housing types existed - winter homes and summer homes. Our second home is a winter home and what we love about it is how cozy and intimate it feels. Yet in the summer it can sometimes feel out of sync with the surroundings as we desire to open up to the outdoors craving an environment that is much more light and airy. The same problem exists in reverse with the local summer homes. This Montana home, however, seems to be able to do both. The use of wood and stone create the warm feel of a cabin while its open floor plan and expansive deck area make it feel equally like a lake house. Whatever the season might be, it is definitely a place I would like to spend my time. 

images by Art Gray via ArchDaily