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home feature: dutchess county residence guest house

Emily Oster

 In my last year of graduate school, I had the pleasure of taking a studio with Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works Architecture. I learned an incredible amount that semester and am very grateful for all Brad taught me about site, place and making.

Allied Works has amassed an extremely impressive body of work over the years. Under the guidance of Brad, the studio approaches each project from a point of discovery - seeking to reveal the "elemental principles that drive each building project" (Allied Works). One of my favorite works, is the Dutchess county residence guest house. Located on 350 acres on the eastern slopes of the Hudson River Valley, the guest house was the first of three buildings to be completed on the site (the main house was just recently finished). Hovering above a bend in Ryder Creek, the 1300 square foot structure both stands apart framing its wooded natural surroundings as well as blurs into it. For me what makes this project so successful, is its bold yet simple gesture of a continuous ribbon of steel that unites the building with the landscape. See below for a few images of the project and make sure to head over to Allied Works website to see more amazing architecture.