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the vessel

Emily Oster

The Vessel  designed by Kennerly Architecture and Planning

The Vessel designed by Kennerly Architecture and Planning

The Vessel, as it was named by Kennerly Architecture and Planning, caught my eye in a post from REMODELISTA about sleekly designed garages. The garage, which is barely discernible, is part of a multi-level 850 square foot addition to a 1940s San Francisco row house. The project created two new floors of open living spaces as well as completely transformed the exterior facade. The things that I particularly like about this renovation is that the interior spaces are carefully thought out in terms of the use of natural light and material selections and that the exterior is distinctly modern yet warm and welcoming. 

home feature: jenni kayne

Emily Oster

I think I first feel in love with Jenni Kayne's house when I saw her kitchen featured in Martha Stewart.  The story had a focus on organization and how beautiful even the most mundane household objects can be. Being that I HATE clutter, this story was right up my alley not to mention that Kayne's style and aesthetic is pretty impeccable. My favorite part of her kitchen and actually her whole house is the material selections and the color palette. In the kitchen, the white, clean line surfaces and cabinets make the room light and bright while the wood accents bring a warmth and ease to the space. In the den, the black panel walls makes the space cozy yet slightly formal while the linen sectional contrasts the effect with its modern lines yet relaxed feel.

The exterior shares the same pared down elegance as the interior making it hard to believe that this home was built in the 1980s. I would love to see how the house looked before as it would be even greater testament to the home's design team at Standard, the architecture firm that is also responsible for the design of Kayne's first retail store. I especially love the backyard with its outdoor fireplace and expansive glass doors into the main living room. 

Scroll to see images below and head over to Architectural Digest for more images and a complete write up. Enjoy!

images via Architectural Digest with design by Standard photos by Roger Davies; kitchen pantry photo via Martha Stewart - photo by Lisa Romerin

home feature: dutchess county residence guest house

Emily Oster

 In my last year of graduate school, I had the pleasure of taking a studio with Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works Architecture. I learned an incredible amount that semester and am very grateful for all Brad taught me about site, place and making.

Allied Works has amassed an extremely impressive body of work over the years. Under the guidance of Brad, the studio approaches each project from a point of discovery - seeking to reveal the "elemental principles that drive each building project" (Allied Works). One of my favorite works, is the Dutchess county residence guest house. Located on 350 acres on the eastern slopes of the Hudson River Valley, the guest house was the first of three buildings to be completed on the site (the main house was just recently finished). Hovering above a bend in Ryder Creek, the 1300 square foot structure both stands apart framing its wooded natural surroundings as well as blurs into it. For me what makes this project so successful, is its bold yet simple gesture of a continuous ribbon of steel that unites the building with the landscape. See below for a few images of the project and make sure to head over to Allied Works website to see more amazing architecture.