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Emily Oster

via  Amelia

via Amelia

Spring is just around the corner and while I know we aren't out of the woods for some wintery weather just yet - I am going to be optimistic and fully embrace the coming of warmer weather. In anticipation of the coming of Spring, I have these things planned for the weekend:

1. Spring Cleaning - After returning from our honeymoon, I started the processes of doing some major clean out and managed to sort through the kitchen and living room taking a large load of items to Goodwill. This weekend, I plan on tackling the bedrooms and my office which is a royal mess and maybe/hopefully the basement. I am thinking that if I accomplish my goal, I will treat myself to a cleaning by the Better Life Maids. I featured Better Life products several months ago and just discovered they have a cleaning service. As it was described to me, they use the most sustainable means of cleaning (minimal trash, the most advanced mop and vacuums etc.) and of course all of their own products. I haven't tried them yet but it sounds pretty amazing. 

2. Garden Planning - If you have been following along you know that last summer I had my first adventure with edible gardening (you can read a summary of my experience here). This year I have large hopes of starting earlier to catch the first harvest, expanding my crop (my small little garden probably doesn't qualify as a crop but I am going to go with it), to become more educated about what I am growing and how I go about doing it and most pressingly to start my plants from seedling. I want to find non-GMO, organic and preferably local seedlings so it is going to probably take research and some searching. 

3. St. Patrick's Day celebration - I already mentioned that I plan on fully celebrating the Irish holiday and while I don't really consider St. Patrick's Day a Spring holiday I am going to make it one by enjoying it outside!

4. Signs of Spring - I haven't done this sort of thing before but I just signed up for the Terrain + GARDENISTA Pinterest contest. Its called Signs of Spring and essentially you create a Pinterest board inspired by what else - Spring. The prize is a $1000 gift card to Terrain so I thought why not. You can enter the challenge here or follow my Signs of Spring board here