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happy st. patrick's day

Emily Oster

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Yesterday, we celebrated the luck of the Irish by cooking with friends. Jeff made Guinness beef shepherd's pie, I made sauteed cabbage and soda bread and our friends brought over bangers and mash. It was a delicious and filling meal with probably way too much beer consumed.

Seeing as we celebrated early I thought I would share our recipes in case anyone is in need of an Irish inspired meal for tonight.  I made this Irish soda bread recipe by Ina Garten which I don't think qualifies as official Irish soda bread seeing as it has orange zest in it but either way it was delicious. Just a little bit sweet, nice and crusty and actually quite easy to make.

via Food Network

via Food Network

I also made this sauteed cabbage recipe from Epicurious. It calls for Savoy cabbage although I used green (is there even a difference?). I also used green onions instead of scallions (again is there a difference?). This recipe only took 15 minutes from start to finish and was a well needed vegetable amongst all the potatoes and meat.

via  Epicurious  - photo by Stephanie Foley

via Epicurious - photo by Stephanie Foley

The bangers were from a local butcher (Bauman's if you are in the St. Louis area) and the mashed potatoes were just your standard deliciousness. Jeff's shepherd's pie recipe came from Picture Perfect Meals. It took almost 2.5 hours but it was well worth the wait and effort. We modified the recipe by using less beef and substituting white cheddar for aged cheddar. If you have the time today I would highly recommend it. Happy cooking!