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black fences

Emily Oster

I have this running list of things I want my home to have once we finally decide to buy. One of the more random or perhaps unusual items is a black fence. Having a fenced in yard for Booker is high on our want list but I don't want it to be an ugly, generic fence haphazardly created just out of necessity. I want it to a beautiful and somewhat unexpected design element in our outdoor living space. I imagine it being a bit more modern in its design and a true, flat black that will make the green of the summer pop while creating a dramatic backdrop for a white wintery landscape. Something sort of like these...

1.  via  GARDENISTA  photo by Maria Drumo Sundstrom  2. via  GARDENISTA  design by  Anthony Wyer   3. source unknown  4. via  Landscaping Network  design by  Livable Landscapes   5. design by  Wittman + Estes   6. via  House & Home   7. via  House & Home

1.  via GARDENISTA photo by Maria Drumo Sundstrom  2. via GARDENISTA design by Anthony Wyer  3. source unknown  4. via Landscaping Network design by Livable Landscapes  5. design by Wittman + Estes  6. via House & Home  7. via House & Home