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Emily Oster

We saw a lot of beautiful Suzanis at High Point which has left me coveting one for my own home. Suzanis are a type of embroidered tribal textile made in Central Asia predominately coming from the countries of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. They usually have a cotton base and are embroidered in silk or cotton thread. Often created in two pieces and then sewn together, one vendor told us that a mother and daughter each work on a half and then bring them together for the daughter to take to her new home once she is married. They are pretty trendy right now but I think thats because they are truly beautiful and almost anyone can appreciate the work that goes into them. See below for some favorite inspiration images. 

1. via  style design life   2. via  keep feeling fascination  3. home of Lulu DK founder via her blog  trail of inspiration  4. via  City Sage   5. via  Casa Midy   6. source unknown  7. via  nomad luxuries

1. via style design life  2. via keep feeling fascination 3. home of Lulu DK founder via her blog trail of inspiration 4. via City Sage  5. via Casa Midy  6. source unknown  7. via nomad luxuries