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more american dream builders

Emily Oster

I love an excuse to start my day off slowly - sit on the couch or in bed and catch up on my blog reading, listen to NPR and drink some coffee and eat breakfast. Today, I was feeling especially reluctant to get up and moving so I thought I would catch up on the latest episode of American Dream Builders. An episode of the series aired this past Sunday and Monday which makes me think it might not be getting great ratings but who knows how those things work. Anyways, this week the teams were tasked with renovating two cabin retreats in Big Bear and I have to say it was a big let down. I really only liked one room - Lukas' kitchen. It was a great blend of modern and traditional and I think could hold its own in "the real world" of design. 

Lukas, who is on the red team, has become the standout designer for me. He seems to be the most creative of the bunch in addition to being quite likable. That being said a quick Google image search of his work is pretty scary so I will be curious to see how his designs progress throughout the competition.

The other interesting takeaway from Monday's episode are Nate Berkus' thoughts. He does these wrap up videos that are posted on and this week he really goes after other TV design shows. He says "people are used to seeing the same type of design over and over again on TV. Whether they know it or not its always the same five takeaways and there really is very rarely anything brand new". He goes on to say that he thought Lukas' kitchen was something new and innovative which I agree with; but a lot of the rooms that have been designed thus far have been pretty generic especially in this episode. 

Next week, the contestants will be redesigning modular homes - hopefully, it will be an improvement over the designs in this episode...