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project room painting schedule

Emily Oster

Borrowed Light paint by  Farrow & Ball

Borrowed Light paint by Farrow & Ball

Tomorrow, the built in bookcase and bench seat are being installed in the project room (see this post and this post about planning for the custom piece). It has a been long time in the making and I am super excited to see it. It will be a beautiful finished piece in an unfinished room but I think it will really motivate me to keep working. Our carpenter will also be sanding some areas of rough mudding and filling nail holes so that the room is no excuses ready for painting. This room has been next on my painting list for the past couple months and I have pushed it off since there is so much priming, painting and taping to be done! But after about a month off and with our new built in installed, I am going to start the process this weekend. This is what is on the painting schedule.

  1. Paint ceiling - we didn't need new drywall so one quick coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White ceiling paint should do the trick.
  2. Prime walls - since its brand new drywall I will definitely need to prime before painting. I am hoping it will only take one coat...
  3. Paint trim - we used pre-primed wood for the majority of the new molding so one coat of hybrid Simply White paint should do it.
  4. Paint shoe molding - the mountain grass needs shoe molding installed to hold down the edges which is, obviously, much easier to paint before it goes in. We already have some painted pieces in the garage so I am crossing my fingers that I won't have to do too much of this.
  5. Paint walls - I am about 100% confident that we are going with Farrow & Ball's color Borrowed Light. It is a pretty light blue so one coat should be enough.
  6. Paint built in - I will probably push this project off till the spring as we will need to remove the doors in order to properly paint them and it will be easier to do this outside.

There is no way I will accomplish all of this in one weekend so I am prioritizing the ceiling, shoe molding and priming of the drywall. The mountain grass flooring (see this post) is being installed next Friday so getting the ceiling done will be so much easier without having to being super concerned about the new floor. Also our flooring guys are coming back sometime after the mountain grass goes in so I need to make sure I have the shoe molding ready for them. The drywall priming might be wishful thinking but should be an easier job as I won't need to be very precise.

Painting is the last big step after the built in and flooring go in. The existing built in and closet will also be a pain but I am not going to focus on that just yet. Small steps towards the finish....Also on the master to do list is hanging a bead board ceiling in the closet area (opted not to get new drywall so bead board will be an attractive and easier solution), replace the lighting fixture in the room and closet, paint and reconfigure closet (might do this with the first batch of painting...) and get window treatments. I am sure there is more like maybe getting new windows but again small steps....