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our stairs + spring planting

Emily Oster

Its a very exciting day as our stair runner is being installed this morning! It will be a two day install so it won't be completely done but the majority of it will go in today and I can't wait! I also am excited because I really pushed the deadline with this one and got my painting done just in time. More on that along with the big reveal but lets just say I was painting till 8pm last night.

With the stairs (mostly) done, I am looking forward to getting outside and working in the garden. This evening is our local farmer's market and I plan on picking up some spring plantings. I will be using our planter (see this post and this post about last year's spring plantings) as our garden isn't ready for a vegetable plot.  I am late in getting my planting in but we should still have a month or so before its starts to get too hot. Last spring, we planted: 5 red leaf lettuces, 6 bibb lettuces, 2 spinach and 3 kale. The planter ended up overcrowded so this year I am going to scale back. I am thinking 4 lettuces, 4 spinach and 4 kale. Drainage was also an issue so I plan on putting cracked pots and stones in the bottom to help with this. I still need to decide on where to put the planter as we have a lot of shade in our yard and very little full sun spots. The planter gets very heavy once its full so I need to make sure I am set on location before filling it.  

I am so looking forward to lots of fresh greens so fingers crossed this planting goes as well as last year's!