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sunday in the garden

Emily Oster

This past Sunday, I spent the whole day in the garden. I got two front pots planted, cleared a bed and planted 10 black raspberry starters, weeded part of one flower bed, located, filled and planted my veggie planter and put down mulch. Needless to say, by 6pm I was in need of a shower, a beer and a burger. 

On the front of the house, I went with two of these 16" pots from Home Depot

I didn't realize just how expensive pots can be so I was happy to find these for just $17.98 each. I would have preferred to do something clay or concrete like these below but it just wasn't in the budget.

If you recall from this post, I wanted to find an airy, white flowering plant just to keep it simple and soft. After consulting with a knowledgable gardener at a local nursery, she recommended Ageratum 'Mediano White'. I filled the pots with a combination of local Bluebird compost, soil saved from last year planting and leaf mulch. I decided to plant four Ageratums per pot which I am hoping will be enough to really fill out the pot. Right now, I am having my doubts. The four look rather small and I think they will grow more up than out. This is why I am considering adding a few Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' to each as well.  

The front pots were the easy part of the day as the majority of my efforts were spent in the back. This is where the veggie planter is located as well as the bed I cleared for the black raspberry starts. I filled the veggie planter with the same combination of soils as the front pots as well as a bottom layer of smashed up terra cotta pots to help with drainage. In it, I planted 3 kale, 6 spinach and 6 lettuces. More than I was planning on but its so hard not to plant what comes in the whole flat! We positioned the planter in a spot that is a little risky for sun exposure so we will have to see how things go. I love all the big trees in our yard but it makes for limited usable growing space. 

The black raspberry patch is across the yard in what I hope will be a nice sunny spot. It took me 3+ hours to clear a 2.5' wide by 10' long area so fingers crossed they take. A few look a little iffy...

There is still so much to do but I had a great time working outside and am excited to keep at it. Any readers have experience with black raspberry bushes? I would love to learn some tips!