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industrial barn lights for our back hallway

Emily Oster

Last Friday's post sent me on the search for our back hall flushmounts. I looked around at a lot of different styles and am on the fence as to whether I want to just go classic/traditional or do something with a bit more interest. Currently, I am gravitating towards an industrial barn light fixture. 

Two great lighting sources for this particular style are Barn Light Electric and Industrial Light Electric. My favorites from Barn Light Electric are the Wallaby and the Sydney. Both are super customizable with multiple shade dimensions, 20 finish options and different glass options as well. 

From Industrial Light Electric, I really like the Industrial Metal Shade Light and Glass Shade Light. Both have only the option to choose white or black which I think I am ok with since I am leaning towards just doing white. These two options are also slightly less expensive than either of the Barn Light options which is always a plus. 

The style is so iconic that I am sure there are so many new and vintage options out there but, at least for the moment, I am limiting my selection which will hopefully make my decision a bit easier.

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