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a new light for our living room

Emily Oster

As we move closer to thinking about our first floor renovation, one of the many pieces of the new plan will be to change out lighting. We will need two (maybe three) new flushmounts in the back hall and then an overhead light in the living room. We are working on a tight budget and with lots of other necessary expenses, the lighting budget is limited. I haven't given much thought to the back hall lights yet but for the living room I am thinking something sputnik like (remember this post when the living room was going to remain a dining room). We will need a piece with multiple bulbs and one that sits closer to the ceiling so as to not obstruct views of the TV. Ideally, I would find something like the Atomium from Lambert & Fils

Atomium  by Lambert & Fils

Atomium by Lambert & Fils

I really like its airy sculptural quality and of course, the brass. And while I don't think its unreasonably priced, its just not in our budget. 

I am not sure if I have found the one yet (nor have I reviewed the options with Jeff) but here are a few contenders. 

1. Urban Outfitters 4040 Locust Metal Pipe Pendant Light - $149

I think this light is an AMAZING value and it meets a lot of my criteria - light and sculptural, multiple bulbs and a nice width and height. The problem is the finish which is copper and I am just not sure I want to go in that direction. On the one hand, it could nicely pick up the warm tones in the hardwood. On the other hand, it could emphasize color tones that I don't want to play up i.e. red/orange. That all aside I might just have to order it and see because its only $149 and I could easily return it.

2. Modern 6 Arm Chandelier by Etsy seller Illuminate Vintage - $389

This one is more traditional in nature but still has a bit of that sputnik quality that I like. Similar to the first selection, it has the overall feel that I am after and is the right dimensions but again the finish gives me pause. It just looks quite gold rather than brass in the pictures. Its description says its made of "solid raw brass" which I would assume means unlacquered but I don't know - could be sort of risky.

3.  3 Arm Sputnik by Etsy seller Illuminate Vintage - $299

3 Arm Sputnik  by Illuminate Vintage

3 Arm Sputnik by Illuminate Vintage

From the same Etsy seller as option 2, I also really like this three arm sputnik. It has an airer quality than the other two and has the option to do a wire with canopy mount or a down brass rod. Again the finish makes me concerned but at least with this one there isn't as much brass. 

4. Odyssey 4 Chandelier by Schoolhouse Electric - $349

The most simple and straightforward of the selections, this Schoolhouse Electric fixture might be the surest bet of the bunch. It is slighting smaller than the other three and has less bulbs but as a big plus I am more sure about the finish.

Like I mentioned I am still on the hunt so we will see what we decide on! Have a good weekend everyone!

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