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pottery barn carlisle sofa review

Emily Oster

Pottery Barn Carlisle Sofa  | THE PLACE HOME

Pottery Barn Carlisle Sofa | THE PLACE HOME

I have gotten several comments/questions about how we are liking our Pottery Barn Carlisle Upholstered Sofa that we purchased back in December. The quick response is that we are very pleased with our selection. The more detailed answer - should you be interested - is outlined below.

To refresh everyone's memory, we purchased the grand Carlisle sofa with upgraded down fill and single bench cushion in Sunbrella's Sahara Weave ivory fabric. The sofa was ready for delivery back at the beginning of February but due to our construction we delayed its arrival until the first week in March. It then sat covered in plastic for roughly two weeks while the project dragged to the finish line. And while it was frustrating not to get to use it, this actually proved to be a good thing as it somehow trained the dog that he wasn't allowed on it. I then put some sheepskins on top of it for the first few weeks of official use just to be safe.

In terms of aesthetics, I love how it looks in the space. I thought it might be a little big but the curved, classic lines and minimal amount of cushions (two back, one seat) prevent it from being too bulky. The fabric is a really nice white - not too bright and not too cream. And the pattern adds some texture but is pretty much indistinguishable.

 In terms of performance, I find the sofa to be very comfy. Although it is definitely a lounging sofa as its really too deep to sit up straight. My one complaint in this department might be the armrests. While I like the look of the low profile, its not the best for resting your head. I think this could be remedied with a different throw pillow situation but we just haven't gotten around to it.

Most questions from readers have been specifically about the fabric which looks as good as the day it was delivered. Like I mentioned, we had it covered for a few weeks but now we enjoy it au natural so to speak. We have had no major spills but I have wiped off a few dirt marks very easily. I have seen no pulls in the fabric or any other sort of friction markings and it really doesn't seem to be too susceptible to this particular type of wear and tear. I have noticed that the box pleat on the front of the cushion has slipped a little out of place but otherwise, no real stretching or lose fabric. The one criticism I might have of the fabric is that it could be a bit thicker. I don't notice it now but when the sofa was delivered in bright morning light, I could make out some of construction of the cushions - seams, a tag, shadows of darker feathers etc. I don't see it now and I don't think it would be an issue in any of the darker fabrics but it could have been an issue if the sofa was in super bright light all the time. 

I hope this helps some of you readers out there thinking about making a similar purchase. Please comment or get in touch if you have any other specific questions.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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