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nursery series | paint color

Emily Oster

After 14 weeks, I was off and running on the design of the nursery. The starting point proved to be really easy - the paint color. It was a decision that came naturally which is not usually the case when it comes to paint selection. I was just zoned in on what I wanted - dark green. A dark green that wasn't too olive but also wasn't too blue. I had one inspiration image that really stood out for me and once I did some digging and found out the color, I pretty much didn't look back. 

Animal Print Shop Nursery Series  photo by Laure Joliet

Animal Print Shop Nursery Series photo by Laure Joliet

The inspiration image is from Sharon Montrose's featured nursery projects and I love how the color isn't too kid and works well with lots of different color tones. At the time of selection, we didn't know that we were having a girl or if we were for sure going to find out the gender. So I wanted a color that would be gender neutral for not only this baby but also for future kids as we are unsure of how we might use our bedrooms down the line - see my general design criteria in this post

The color, which the Animal Print Shop so nicely displayed at the bottom of their post, is Benjamin Moore's Caldwell Green. This made my life even easier as I have used exclusively BM paints in the house. I bought a sample can, tried it on the wall and that was pretty much it - decision made. 

Now that the color is up, I love it. It looks great with white trim and other neutrals as well with lots of different colors. Some doubters of my color selection (uhhm Mom) thought the color would be too dark but it isn't at all the case. The room has two windows - one with eastern exposure and one with northern so the light is really nice throughout the day but especially in the morning. And being as the room is quite large, it makes also feel more cozy which is the main feeling I want for the space. 

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