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introducing katie's place

Emily Oster

Posts have been more than a little infrequent on the blog since Jane was born. And while I do have a backlog of posts, they seem to all be just a touch unfinished and thus rather difficult to publish. Babies take a lot of time! Especially one who isn't particularly fond of napping...

Thus I am very excited to announce The Place Home's first guest blogger! My younger sister, Katie, will be starting to regularly blog here with a series entitled Katie's Place. Katie lives with her husband in San Francisco and while I will let her tell you more about herself, her place is the kitchen. A lover of all things food and cooking, her posts will detail what makes her house (or rather rented apartment) a home - food. My hope is Katie's Place will be just the first of many series in which contributors blog about what makes their homes significant and really their own. Please welcome Katie! 

Hi all, I’m Katie, a health coach in training, a food lover, and kitchen aficionado. I have always had a big passion for health, wellness, and anything that has to do with food and the kitchen. Taking a page from Emily’s book, my place is the kitchen.

Living in San Francisco with a husband who works until 8:00 p.m. most nights, the time that I am most grateful for is the time we can spend, just the two of us, at our dining room table in our little apartment. I am beyond lucky and grateful to have a husband who loves my cooking, loves me, and loves our time together.

On a weekly, sometimes daily basis, I share pictures of my meals, tips that I’ve come across, or a great new recipe with Emily (whether she wants to listen or not) and that is where the idea for Katie’s Place originated.

I will share my kitchen trials and tribulations, my favorite recipes, tools I love/hate, and anything else that comes to mind. I hope you will follow along with me on my kitchen journey here and on The Place Home Pinterest page! Have a great weekend everyone!

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