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hello 2014

Emily Oster

engagement photo by Cory Weber of  Weber Photography

engagement photo by Cory Weber of Weber Photography

Hello 2014! After two busy and wonderful weeks off, I am back to blogging. This year is off to an exciting and somewhat chaotic start as we are just about a month away from our wedding. We spent a lot of our time in northern Michigan meeting with vendors, finalizing details, making to do lists and talking about the big day. There is still a lot left to do but it will make the month go by that much faster - which is great since I can't wait to be married! So while January 1 marked the official beginning of the New Year I am waiting till post wedding to make resolutions for 2014. However, I do have specific intentions/projects for January which I plan on posting about here - namely our desire to eat healthier and to introduce more cooking/eating content into the blog. 

But before we launch into the New Year I wanted to share some of yours as readers (according to my metrics) and my favorite posts from THE PLACE HOME's first year in the blogosphere.

Your Favorites:

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Thanks for reading along in 2013 and happy snow day to many of us!