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outdoor throw pillows

Emily Oster

It was such a beautiful weekend here. We gardened, hung out on our porch, ate dinner outside, went to the first farmers market of the season and generally just enjoyed the 70+ degree weather. This past weekend made me even more excited for spring/summer and so I have outdoor spaces on the mind big time. Specifically, some great outdoor throw pillows that I have seen lately. Check out the below round up for some current favorites! 

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cost plus world market

Emily Oster

Our nearest World Market is located next to the Trader Joe's I frequent weekly. So if I have a few minutes and its been a while, I will drop in to see what's new. I shop at World Market sort of how I shop at Ikea. I don't expect things to last very long, if I love it I buy it and don't worry too much about the quality and sometimes I get lucky and find a really good buy. The two main sections, I tend to head for are the baskets and the rugs. The baskets because they are reasonably priced and who doesn't need more aesthetically pleasing organizational tools? The rugs because they sell cowhides and sometimes you can find really good ones - solid, neutral, not overly cow-likes ones. I am especially drawn into the store as it gets warmer because where I think they really excel is in outdoor living. Check out these current indoor and outdoor pieces. 

dash & albert

Emily Oster

As I have blogged about before, selecting and purchasing rugs can be quite difficult. I tend to stick with four types of rugs - vintage, sisal, cowhide or indoor/outdoor. My favorite retailer of high durability, indoor/outdoor rugs is Dash & Albert. Their selection is huge, their patterns are classic, the prices are reasonable and they really love dogs which is just a bonus.