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maddie on things

Emily Oster

Festive Maddie by  Theron Humphrey

Festive Maddie by Theron Humphrey

Jeff and I are huge dog lovers and I think it would be a fair assessment to say we are a bit obsessed with Booker. My love for dogs started at a very young age and I even proclaimed to my parents that when I grew up I wanted to live on a mountain with just my dogs - clearly an introvert from a young age. I had dogs as a kid and loved all of them but I have to say Booker is like my child or as we call him our toddler. He is full of energy, can be rather "emotional" and craves attention above all else (except maybe his kibble and his frisbee). For all these reasons, this is why I think Maddie and Theron's story is so amazing. Maddie is a coonhound and Theron is her owner/photographer. After adopting Maddie just two years ago, Theron discovered that she had incredible balance and patience. With this finding, he started photographing Maddie across the country in unusual and usual places while working on a documentary. This past Spring, Maddie on Things the book was realized and the pair have spent the past months on a book tour. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet Maddie and Theron while they were in St. Louis but their book is definitely on my Christmas list. I think every photo of Maddie is pretty great but below are some of my favorites. To learn more about Maddie and Theron visit their website or buy their book!

Maddie by Theron Humphrey